LSP Quartz

LSP Quartz

LSP Quartz delivers the total package of quartz glass and ceramic products for solar, semiconductor and chemical industry. Our expertise in quartz glass and ceramics is also frequently applied in: fibreglass manufacturing, laboratories, UV water treatment.

All-in one

With our highly qualified professionals, our own glassworks, very well equipped CNC machinery, 4000 square meters production space and a large stock, we are able to answer your questions skillfully, deliver quality and guaranty a swift delivery.

Best Quality

With world-class product quality, we manufacture high-tech products that comply with your list of wishes and demands. Our professionals combine professionalism and knowledge with enthusiasm and involvement. LSP Quartz BV: The expert source for quartz and ceramic products.

LSP Quartz is the expert source for quartz and ceramic products with world-class quality.”



LSP Quartz is working according to strict procedures in order to guarantee quality. Therefore we use amongst others a 3D measuring device.

LSP Quartz is ISO9001: 2015 certified.


The development of new products is a complex process. LSP Quartz gladly provides the knowledge and expertise, in order to make sure that the outcome of this process will lead to a good product and/or better trading results.

About us

LSP Quartz is a growing company. It started with three people in May 1998 and has grown to a company with more than 30 people and a production space of more than 4000 square meters.

Your wishes

LSP Quartz produces high-tech products that comply with your list of wishes and demands. In most cases, you will receive a custom-made quotation within 48 hours in accordance with your specifications and wishes.

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